Visitors motivation to attend events

In this study authors identified six motivation dimensions for visitors attending the World Culture Expo as cultural exploration, family togetherness, novelty, escape, event attractions, and socialization. Events Management 3 rd ed. Visitors motivated with this factor have a desire to gain knowledge on different kinds of cultural practices and celebrations.

Mullins describes motivation as this force which drives any person to show a specific behaviour towards any condition or situation or things. The festival and events have extensively increased in number.

Visitor motivation to attending international festivals. Food and wine festival Food and wine festivals have becoming an important part of the special festival. External means meeting new people. Journal of Leisure Research43, Motivations for attending a music festival.

Visitors motivated with this factor have a desire to gain knowledge on different kinds of cultural practices and celebrations. It is important for event manager to Analysis of motivations for festival attendance for market segmentation and effective promotion. Interestingly, many other motives that had been identified in sport tourism research did not seem to be very relevant for the respondents.

Manager need to understand and offer key motives of events.

They come with four findings in which first was hobby of charity givingsecond was social, reciprocity, self-esteem, need to help others in which they focused more on the charitable cause.

Event Management13, In the expo over artists from different countries performed for 87 days between September to November. Every year festivals and events are popular and visitor travel a long journey to participate. There are different researches, and studies which have suggestions for event managers which make clear why a manager or an organiser need to know motivation in order to organise events or festivals.

In the answer of this question authors conclude that music is important to music festival but there are some visitor for them music is not more important. Lee suggest manager that for planning events and festival, motivation analysis is important to identify different needs and to segment target markets Lee, Learning or exploring cultures — learn about or explore other cultures.

Event Management14, — In the expo there are performances from 48 different countries. They combined the motives of visitor in seven different dimensions as entertainment; emotional arousal, back room, true fan, front room, event and social factor there are fun, excitement, the arousal, friend and family.

In the other hand extrinsic motivation works on external level of individuals. The top most motivational factors were the desire to taste new wine and food, enjoy the event, enhance social status, escape from routine life, meet new people, spend time with family, and get to know the celebrity chefs and wine experts.

Two Modes of Leisure Behavior. In the conclusion of the study they suggest that there are different in motivation between loyal and fair according to their age, income and marital status. Event Management15, — From above study we find some key motives of visitor to attend events.

Visitor Motivations to Attend Events

Analysis of motivation Common motivation factors After reviewing the work of different authors on motivation of events visitor, we can conclude that most of motivation items in every kinds of events are common.

Who is the wine tourist? Cross-cultural equivalence of festival motivations:Downloadable! Introduction. Sport events have become a popular tool for the marketing of tourist destinations. In this regard, it has to be kept in mind that the effects events can generate for destinations largely depend on the motivation of the attendees.

Building on this insight, the aim of this paper is to compare the motivational structures of two types of visitors (primary purpose event. Visitor Motivations to Attend Events Table of contents Introduction1 Food and wine festival2 Sport event3 Music Festival5 Cultural events6 Analysis of motivation8 Common motivation factors8 Unique motivation factors9 Need for organiser9 Conclusion10 Bibliography11 Visitor Motivations to Attend Events Introduction Motivation is the force.

Special eventsSpecial events motivate visitors to attend galleries because they offer something that is “out of the ordinary” and “novel”.

This study found that the most important element for visitors was the “special event package”. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Motives of visitors attending festival events | The escape-seeking dichotomy and the push-pull factors conceptual frameworks were used to identify motives which stimulated visitors to go to events at a festival.

These two frameworks were used to guide development of an instrument to measure motives. The comparative analysis of the motivations of visitors at four South Island, New Zealand, events—two food and beverage festivals, an air show, and a country and music festival—highlights the.

The decision to travel and attend sport events is usually an important process for the travelers that involves many key factors such as motivation, time allowance, interests, destination image, past experience, personal factors, and economic condition.

Visitors motivation to attend events
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