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The First Lord of the Admiralty believed Canada could not be defended from a serious attack by the U. In his diary, Chase wrote that the release of Mason and Slidell "…was like gall and wormwood to me.

The issues of the Oregon territoryBritish involvement in Texasand the Canada—US border dispute had all been resolved in the s. The two diplomats decided to stay in Cardenas before making an overland trek to Havana to catch the next British ship. From the earliest days of the war, that perspective would guide the British away from taking any action that might have been viewed in Washington as a direct challenge to the Union blockade.

By the third week of December much of the editorial opinion started to mirror these opinions and prepare the American citizens for the release of the prisoners. Union intelligence had not immediately recognized that Mason and Slidell had left Charleston on Theodora.

The Times noted that the financial markets were reacting as if war were a certainty. As time passed and voices opposing war were heard more and more, the Cabinet also began considering alternatives to war, including arbitration. Wished I found your site sooner.

Mason and Slidell on board a British ship, Captain WIikes having acted without any instructions from the government, the subject is therefore free from the embarrassment which might have resulted, if the act had been especially directed by us.

Lyons was told that as long as the commissioners were released, the British would "be rather easy about the apology" and that an explanation sent through Adams would probably be satisfactory.

In other words, Seward gave them up not strictly on admission that Britain was correct in its legal position, but because the commissioners were of no consequence to the security of the nation. During December the British managed to send 11, troops using 18 transport ships and by the end of the month they were prepared to send an additional 28, men.

Britain first learned of the events on November Davis left foreign policy to others in government and, rather than developing an aggressive diplomatic effort, tended to expect events to accomplish diplomatic objectives. English tempers flared and threats of war were issued.

Referring to Jamaica, Milne reported conditions that included, "works badly contrived and worse executed—unserviceable guns—decayed gun cartridges—corroded shot—the absence of stores of all kinds and of ammunition, with dilapidated and damp powder magazines.

Since Wilkes had not followed established legal procedure, he had no right to remove any cargo, human or otherwise, from another vessel. He had written to Adams at the end of November that Wilkes had not acted under instructions, but would hold back any more information until it had received some response from Great Britain.

The generation of southerners who formed the Confederate States of America were slow to appreciate the daunting task of war against a United States superior in so many critical areas—better equipped, organized, experienced, funded, and with substantial resources both human and material.


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During the affair, London drew the line and Washington retreated.

The Trent Affair

He was then ordered to Boston where he delivered the captives to Fort Warrena prison for captured Confederates. Consolswhich had initially declined in value in the early part of the month, fell by another 2 percent, reaching the level during the first year of the Crimean War.

The Queen in turn asked her husband and consort, Prince Albertto review the matter.

The Trent Affair - Assignment Example

In his November 30 response to Palmerston, Albert wrote: Chase was aware of the intent of New York banks to suspend specie payments, and he would later make a lengthy argument at the Christmas cabinet meeting in support of Seward.

Hunter of Virginia was the new Confederate Secretary of State. In the Western Hemisphere, as relations with the United States improved, Britain had become cautious about confronting the United States over issues in Central America. Yet, the most imperative is that he did this job consummately. Belligerency also gave the Confederate government the opportunity to purchase supplies, contract with British companies, and purchase a navy to search out and seize Union ships.

Mure, a colonel in the South Carolina militia, had a British diplomatic passport issued by Bunch, and was carrying a British diplomatic pouch which was searched.

Case and Warren F. When Adams made his protest to Russell on the recognition of Confederate belligerency, Dayton made a similar protest to Thouvenel.The Trent affair, which occurred during the early years of the u.s. civil war, challenged the traditional concepts of freedom of the seas and the rights of neutrals and almost precipitated a war between the United States and Great Britain.

Trent Affair

Inthe newly established Confederacy appointed two. Feb 26,  · Free Essays on About The Trent Affair. COMP 1 Mrs. Hodges Exemplification Essay Audience: High School Students Why College is Important. Going to college is very important!

It mainly helps people get a good job, and jobs are what get people through life. No one can go without a job and live happily. The Trent Affair was a diplomatic crisis that took place between the United States and Great Britain from November to Decemberduring the U.S. Civil War ().

The crisis erupted after. The Trent Affair in brought England and the Union to the brink of war, which was averted by the return of the Confederate envoys who had been seized by the Union navy from the British vessel Trent. Although the Trent was “a ship of a neutral nation, and it was plying a regular schedule between neutral ports” the American marines, under the command of “Lieutenant Fairfax[ ] proceeded forcibly to remove the Confederate diplomats, Mason, Slidell, and their secretaries” (Rawley,p.

The Trent Affair, Introduction. On November 8,Charles Wilkes, a U.S. Navy Officer, captured two Confederate envoys aboard the British mail ship, the Britain accused the United States of violating British neutrality, and the incident created a diplomatic crisis between the United States and Great Britain during the Civil War.

The trent affair essay
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