Stages of adulthood descriptions and categories essay

Eventually when an adult reaches late adulthood there is a loss of speed in nerve impulse within the brain and this allows for typical traits of old age to be exhibited. Conclusion Every element of developmental stages has its place within a human life.

Additionally, a brief examination of the immediate and future effect of healthy and unhealthy habits practiced will be provided. So maintaining healthy habits is important at this time as well. To emphasize the effect of these practices, consider the immediate influence tobacco has on the person and his or her social or emotional development.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Several different arguments exist both against and for the idea but where they meet in the middle deals with the fact that during adolescence many ideals are formed about the concept of self that will be with an individual throughout the rest of his or her life.

According to Bergerit is important to practice healthy habits through the life span to reduce the risk of developing illnesses and disabilities common among older adults. At the height of these choices and influences, the human need for social and intimate relationships evolves and develops through experimentation and adjustments.

The main cause death in this period is cancer. Financially, the young adult usually starts to see the possibility of achieving his dream. This is exhibited in different ways between the two sexes and women go through many psychological effects and changes throughout menopausal phases.

This plays a roll in socioemotional development of adults because this is related to mental health alongside the role that an individual plays to others in their life.

The process of adapting to this new state may take more than a few weeks or even months. Middle adulthood brings greater financial security and emotional maturity and satisfaction from family growth, but health may become an issue for many.

Adolescence and Adulthood Stages

Understanding motivation and emotion 5th ed. Many find that the ability to heal from illnesses or injuries is reduced. The degree earned is anticipated to beget more career choices but may also be influenced by geographical and market factors.

But it requires some attention and openness. Older adulthood is the time when aging continues for most individuals. But this is sometimes very hard for most to do in our time of great temptations, and social pressure to conform. The capacity to overcome challenges and adversity signifies the resilience that has emerged and continues to support the growth throughout early and middle adulthood.

Several elements can take place in self-understanding such as sex-role, self-esteem, and personal identity. A few of the most marked changes which occur regarding physical development deal with the endocrine and reproductive system.

Middle adulthood is the time when it is common that life is at its best. Middle adulthood is the time when it is common that life is at its best. Socially in this stage, adults often enjoy clear identify formation, according to the book. Many public places ban smoking and some people are offended by secondhand smoke inhalation whereas others despise the odor in the clothing of the smoker.

In early adulthood individuals will begin to form relationships that they choose to keep throughout his or her entire lifespan. Financially, during retirement it is important to plan ahead so that you can be secure.

But it requires some attention and openness. Thus middle adulthood need not be a time of poor health. Throughout adolescence it is likely that there will still be a strong relationship with parents but along with teenage years conflict will always arise.

Consider the multiple roles of a full-time employee who is also a parent and student pursuing a graduate degree. Middle adulthood relationship developments result from a transition between a current structure and a new phase aimed at harmonizing inner personal and societal demands Reeve, Exercise, good diet, and healthy attitude can produce some amazing results.

This development progresses through middle adulthood in much the same manner but is approach with a greater base of experience and skill.

Physically, body starts to slow down, which means that if proper remedies are sought the declining health characteristics can be stopped. The transition through early adulthood and middle adulthood demand resilience in the pursuit of intimacy, specific function, and quality of life.The Eight Stages Of Development By Erikson Psychology Essay.

Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, Significant agreement between different categories of observers, making observations in a number of different ways, and the industry measure was consistently obtained. His development the theory from the Erikson's stages adulthood.

Free Essay: Young Adulthood Stages of Development Physical development for the young adult typically sees one in the best physical condition: strong, sharp. Descriptions and Categories Adulthood is a the longest period in life which for the purposes of clarity has been broken into three periods.

The three stages of adulthood are young (), middle (), and older (65+ Young adulthood is the period when you may experience good health, a career, marriage, children, and/or financial. - Late Adulthood Late adulthood is known as the period of life after middle adulthood, usually from around 65 years old to death (Santrock,p.

). There are many varying stages of development and health in late. The three stages of adulthood are young (), middle (), and older (65+). Young adulthood is the period when you may experience good health, a career, marriage, children, and/or financial independence resulting from financial success.5/5(2).

Early and Middle Adulthood Essay Sample

The nurturing stage is when parents share the care of the infant. They are then encountered with demanding children and confrontation, with the increased of financial burdens, child’s need, shifting roles and the birth of another child.

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Stages of adulthood descriptions and categories essay
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