Short essay on autobiography of a watch

Short Autobiography of a Pen

The tough thing about writing is there are no true correct ways to start, but you have to know where you are going before you can write an introduction.

That day was the 13th of November and I still remember the wonderful feeling I had that moment. On to the question Being an Omega watch I was given a prime position in his show- case. As you can see, this approach is much more conversational and fun, and therefore sets up the entire autobiography in the same manner.

The next day when the old man gave me to her, she was absolutely thrilled and thanked him with a hug and a blast of kisses. My main aim is to give pleasure to whoever reads me.

The birthday was to be celebrated the very next day and I was doubly thrilled for being a precious gift for a girl on her birthday that would mark her entry in the world of adults. Wiggin42 Student Think about the most interesting aspect of your life story.

Now, all my anxiety is put to rest as, I have learnt that I am also here to be worshipped just as God himself. Many other chemicals and raw materials are added to it. I thought that, if the old man found the price too high, he may not take me and this would disappoint me too much as, this would then be the end of the choice.

There I was kept in a showcase of a shop for a few days for sale. Gradually we began to like each other so much as to be almost regarded as inseparable friends.

For many years I gave my master faithful and trouble-free service. I attended many gatherings, cricket matches and pleasure trips with my master. After a long period of processing, my pages begin to take shape. Those old days of the company of my friends at the shop were good but now, I am on the top of the world enjoying this life thoroughly.

However, as man says, bad times are always followed by good times. My prayer is also to God; grant me also a healthy and happy long life with Arzoo. One day, a servant of him stole me and kept me with him for a number of days. When my friend, the rich man got back his most lovable thing, his delight was more than any language can express.

I remained with him for long five years. On this golden body of mine, the numbers are written in black, which make me look a piece to envy for all my brethren. At times I also get to hear small children saying lovely words to their mothers and, seeing the mothers cajoling them, I feel what a beautiful life men have.

Sometimes pictures, maps, tables and figures are also drawn. My name is Mank.Autobiography of a Watch. I am a wrist watch. My name is Kohinoor HMT wrist watch.

I was born at Bangalore ten years ago. I was brought to Calcutta and bought by college student. He used to take care of me very well. I helped him in his studies giving him correct time. He was appointed a teacher in a school.

Autobiography on Watch. Date Submitted: 07/18/ AM; Essay Grade: no grades Report this Essay; OPEN DOCUMENT. I am a wristwatch a very common item of purchase for all men, women, and children.

Having a well known brand name the HMT is my biggest pride, this is because, I know these days, all humans fall for the name of. Jun 01,  · To write an autobiographical essay, choose a story from your own life that you're excited to share.

Consider who your audience is when selecting a story and go with something that will appeal to them. Next, create an outline for your essay to help you organize all of your thoughts%().

An Autobiography of a High School Student Getting through a day can be hard without a motivation. I find that I can face each day of my high school life easier whenever I think about my plans and big dreams.


Autobiography Of A High School Student (Essay Sample) August 31, by admin Essay watch movies, talk a lot, and listen to. Essay on An Autobiography of a Wrist Watch. I am a wristwatch a very common item of purchase for all men, women, and children. I just need a good introduction or opening sentence for my autobiography.' and find homework help for other Essay Lab questions at eNotes.

or a short witty story about an unforgettable.

Short essay on autobiography of a watch
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