Sec 10k report analysis

Five percent owners must also file Schedule 13d with the SEC. Instead, focus on any unusual risk factors, such as if the company generates a substantial portion of its revenues for one or two customers. Without question, you should first read Item 1, which is the business description.

If you like what you see, move on and if not, move on to the next company. That determination is simple.

How To Efficiently Read An Annual Report

This only includes physical types of property, not intellectual or intangible property. How has the company performed over a period of years?

Next, you should jump to Items 6 and 7 and examine and analyze the financial data. Item 3 — Legal Proceedings[ edit ] Here, the company discloses any significant pending lawsuit or other legal proceeding.

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References Sec 10k report analysis these proceedings could also be disclosed in the Risks section or other parts of the report. So you must now go back and read the risk factors section and the legal proceedings section, if any legal matters exist.

It may also include recent events, competition, regulations, and labor issues. They usually are founders of the company or large mutual fund companies, and because of how much stock they own, they usually have access to the board of directors of the company and hold significant sway over the company.

Executive Compensation Item Investing is a discipline that rewards those who are continuously learning.

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Part 1[ edit ] Item 1 — Business[ edit ] This describes the business of the company: Look over the cash flow statement and see if the business has been a generator of cash or a user of cash. Item 2 — Properties[ edit ] This section lays out the significant properties, physical assets, of the company.

Some industries are heavily regulated, have complex labor requirements, which have significant effects on the business. Item 7A — Quantitative and Qualitative Disclosures about Market Risks[ edit ] Forward Looking Statements[ edit ] Forward-looking statement is the disclaimer that projections as to future performance are not guaranteed, and things could go otherwise.

This means the auditor had no hesitations or reservations about the state of the company, and the opinion is without any qualifications unconditional. Compare the income statement with the cash flow statement for any red flags.

Principal Accounting Fees and Services Item Some investors even prefer to start at the back and work their way to the beginning.A K is a comprehensive summary of a company's performance that needs to be submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on an annual basis.

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A Form K is an annual report required by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), that gives a comprehensive summary of a. Choose a year above to view the related documents. Related Links. Contact Investor Relations; Email Alerts; Our Story; Newsroom; Blog; .

Sec 10k report analysis
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