Role disaster management essays for scholarships

Knowing what to do after disaster, and at least basic first aid, will enable students help the authorities in saving lives. Health center for the locality. This will minimise the panicking and uncontrolled disaster to the most extent. Collect water, food, medicine, other essential items and important documents before leaving.

Role of Students in Disaster Management — Training for Students When the students are trained well, they can help in rehabilitation and resettlement of victims at times of floods, earthquakes and drought etc.

Identifying the extent of damage caused by the crisis as a data point for the head of the institution to initiate corrective measures 6. They can spread awareness about disaster management. Also, knowing what to do when disaster strikes will also lessen the death toll. You may consult a reputable contractor and follow building codes.

Students could create pamphlets and fliers that spell out proper emergency procedures and why they should be followed. Check for fire hazards and use torchlights instead of candles or lanterns. Place your hands on the floor for balance.

Plantation in the school premises. An earthquake, flood, tornado, winter storm, highway spill or hazardous material or any other disaster could cut water, electricity, and telephones-for days, require evacuation or confine your family at home for days.

Return home only when authorities say it is safe. Do not run outside if you are inside. Role of School Students in Disaster Management Tuesday September 5, You will agree with the belief that education is not only about acquiring knowledge, it is also about applying the knowledge for the betterment of the society.

Though less intense, aftershocks cause additional damages and may bring down weakened structures. All in an attempt to reduce the loss caused by a calamity, the student community teamed with groups of teachers has made its strong presence felt in assisting communities to better deal with exigencies.

Constantly being watchful about the safety of school mates Acting on Information — The Best Way to Manage an External Crisis Education is all about assimilating information. Those few seconds could give you a chance to move to a safer location.

Role of Students in Disaster Management

The student disaster management team can put together information to pass on to other students and create posters to hang in the school hallways reminding students of rules and emergency exits. The school can be feeding center.

Kutchha building can also be retrofitted and strengthened.

Role of School Students in Disaster Management

And when disaster strikes, you may not have much time to respond. Aftershocks can occur in the first hours, days, weeks, or even months after the quake.Disaster management the role of students Essay Sample. In a lot of nations late teenagers are part of ’emergency rescue teams’ – mostly the training goes side by side along with ‘compulsory military training’ programs.

The Defence Forces of Australia have their own role to play in disaster management. They coordinate with all levels of disaster activities i.e. the National Level, the state and community level and the Local level.

Disaster management the role of students Essay Sample

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for only $ $/page. Order now. Search. Role of Students in Disaster Management A student is a person who is having a great zeal at any subject. Our educational system should include the training programs to the students from school level to rouse the helping nature in them at times of need.

To help strengthen the disaster preparedness of the society, the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Plan also aims to equip the communities with necessary skills and capability to cope with the impacts of the disaster.

Role disaster management essays for scholarships
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