Living the dream woodstock 1969

I did pack a lot of stuff to eat because we didnt have much money so at least we were not hungry.

Sly and the Family Stone

I got muddy like everyone else. Larry Graham invented the " slapping technique " of bass guitar playing, which became synonymous with funk music. Sly was the best. For unclear reasons, Sly gradually withdrew his attention from Stone Flower, and the label was closed in Sly had found something else to take him higher and, as a result, Riot is a record very much informed by drugs, paranoia, and a sort of halfhearted malcontent [ He wrote the music and provided the singing voice of "Daniel Mouse" for Living the dream woodstock 1969 Canada-based Nelvana animated television special The Devil and Daniel Mouse about two mice attempting to succeed in the music business.

Separated ourselves from the guys and spent the next days loving the music and the circus atmosphere Tried to stay awake for all three-four days of music. Pugliese to avoid problems with his contract [52] and to avoid association with Jim Morrisonwho was then facing trial on charges of lewd behavior after the Miami concert incident.

Kept hearing about Woodstock and went to Woodstock, NY to check it out, only to find it was happening closer to White Plains. We shared our tents with a few other people because of the rain we were in the tents a lot but had the best seats in the house.

I bought a ticket for all three days. I was 14 and a corn hick hearing about this and wanting to try drugs and what I thought was super "hip". His best friend and a carload of students were taking an old Chevy across country to see " this huge concert in NY " everyone was going to see Jimi Hendrix and Joplin "wail!!

John Sebastian

Since both Sly and Freddie were guitarists, Sly appointed Freddie the official guitarist for the Family Stone, and taught himself to play the electronic organ. February 8 The maiden flights of the Boeing February 9. The only things we brought with us were our tickets, water, snacks and lots of windowpane LSD.

Recordshis eponymous solo debut, John B. What began as an outdoor rock festival forfans in the town of Bethel, quickly transformed into something much greater. Although Sly continued to collaborate with some of the original Family Stone members on occasion, the actual band no longer existed. After the release of Riot, additional lineup changes took place.

Jeff Beck Group The band broke up in July, forcing cancellation 2. We were high all the time.

Woodstock 1969 Lineup and Songlist

We left after about 2 songs from Jefferson Airplane. Most of us the 3rd day we were high, tired, wet hungrey, but blown away by the music and the amount of people that came from all over the country.

A Rock ’n’ Roll Dream: Reliving Woodstock

One month later, on September 25,the New York Post reported that Sly Stone was now homeless and living out of a white camper-van in Los Angeles: Similarly, the Sly and the Family Stone sound was a melting pot of many influences and cultures, including James Brown proto-funk, Motown popStax soul, Broadway showtunes, and psychedelic rock music.

Rick Balin Salamanca, N. Sebastian performing at the Katharine Hepburn Theater in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, November 27, Record releases[ edit ] After leaving Reprise, Sebastian continued to occasionally release CD albums through a variety of small labels.

While these hippies were having their sex and drinking their beer and smoking their pot and acid in the mud we were the ones who were fighting for their freedoms to be able to do those things in the rice patties of Vietnam.Feb 19,  · Canned Heat Woodstock Boogie LIVE @ Woodstock HD by Karen Ghaltakhchyan.

Play next; Play now; Canned Heat - On the Road Again live at Woodstock by WolfLittleRock. Play next; Play now; Mountain - Theme from an imaginary western (Woodstock) by Max Grifone Benetti.

Woodstock Music Festival reigns for four days in August in the Catskill Mountains. More than half a million people gather in the small, upstate New York town of Bethel (near Woodstock, N.Y.). More than half a million people gather in the small, upstate New York town of Bethel (near Woodstock, N.Y.).

Woodstock - - 40 Years Later Wayne Rogers the Port O San Man Is Still Living The Dream Share Article You may not have been at the Woodstock festival in, but if you've seen the movie, you'll never forget the Port-O-San scene.

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The one and only lineup of WOODSTOCK This contains all songs played on the main stage back then, that spotify has to offer right now. The songs and artists are in perfect order from Friday Morning August 15, to Monday morning.

Living the dream woodstock 1969
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