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Practice Note", Law Society 8 June We employ a generalised setting of the structural equation models to build latent indices of objective and subjective corruption from our microdata exploiting the information on various economic, geographic and socio-demographic factors that can affect the perception and the experience of corruption practices.

Consolidation may bring about a major reconfiguration of the legal services sector. Office of National Statistics, Benefits are most likely to be achieved by those that find means to access untapped demand.

The continuing effects of the global recession The downturn that began in had a significant impact on the market. Risks such as conflicts of interest and supply chain exposures may become more significant as firms consolidate, and will need appropriate consideration.

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Introduction This paper examines an on-going change in the structure of the legal market: We do not intend to try to predict the final shape of the legal services market once consolidation has run its course, nor will we attempt to forecast the timescale.

This had not been impossible prior to liberalisation. As well as being in the commercial interest of law firms, the effective management of these risks will protect consumers of legal services and advance the public interest.

From the theoretical model we are able to derive testable implications for the empirical analysis, i. When these structures exist, group contagion increases as a potential risk. Drivers of consolidation in the legal market At present, multiple factors are acting on the legal market to reduce fragmentation.

In some areas of legal work, demand is falling. The combination and nature of risks facing each individual firm will be unique.

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Notably, firms that do not successfully adjust may experience financial difficulty. The new entrants had found new demand.

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As such, although they lost substantial market share and income, the number of independent opticians actually increased. The UK optical market In the UK optical market, the years following liberalisation in saw independent opticians fall from holding 65 percent of the market by turnover to holding As well as allocating our own resources proportionately, in-line with these risks, we require firms to ensure that they are also managing them.

It is a process whereby a fragmented market made up of mostly small generalist firms changes towards a market dominated by large firms and small, highly focused specialists 2. Firms also tend to compete more on cost as markets consolidate, which has the potential to improve access to justice External pressures, such as an economic downturn, reduce profitability and threaten the viability of firms.

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The effect of this is to make pricing more transparent and to encourage competition on price. Risk Controls Risk Management should be treated as a central function of any business.

A series of changes to legal aid payment over ten years has effectively reduced expenditure. DFT Statistics, https: For example, the new market structure, and businesses within it, may perform better at broadening access to legal services for those that require them.

This has been a factor in the growth of alternatives to hourly billing. These are the risks that we see as most likely, but in a changing market it is vital that firms are aware of the specific risks facing their business, which may be different to those set out below.

The specific risks it will affect will be different for each firm. This leads to a change in the structure of the market and the way it interacts with consumers.

The market will consolidate further, but due to the uncertainties involved we do not propose to predict the timescale or eventual market structure. The uncertainties involved are too large for such a forecast to be realistic. Conflict of interest As firms seek to merge, conflicts of interest between both existing and past clients become an increasing risk.

This research also noted the advantages for large businesses from the scale economies and depth of expertise available in the largest accounting firms.Risk resources Magnetic forces: Consolidation in the legal services market.

March Market consolidation is the process whereby small firms grow, merge or exit the market while larger firms become increasingly prevalent. CEIS Tor Vergata RESEARCH PAPER SERIES Vol. 9, Issue 11, No. – September Productivity Growth and Volatility: How Important are Wage and Price Rigidities?

Barbara Annicchiarico and Alessandra Pelloni This paper. CEIS Tor Vergata RESEARCH PAPER SERIES Vol. 12, Issue 7, No. – August Alessandra Mecozzi and Francesco Saverio Mennini This paper can be downloaded without charge from the Social Science Research Network Electronic Paper Collection University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Rome, Italy.

Address: Via Columbia 2. CEIS Tor Vergata RESEARCH PAPER SERIES Vol.

11, Issue 12, No. – October The Legal Origins of Corporate Social Responsibility Leonardo Becchetti, Rocco Ciciretti and Pierluigi Conzo This paper can be downloaded without charge from the Social Science Research Network Electronic Paper Collection. La Fondazione Economia Tor Vergata nasce nel presso l'Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata.

La Fondazione usa un approccio interdisciplinare ed un focus internazionale per analizzare in chiave economica i temi dello sviluppo tecnologico e i rapporti tra governance ed istituzioni nazionali ed internazionali.

CEIS Tor Vergata RESEARCH PAPER SERIES Vol. 6, Issue 12, No. – December The Simple Micro-Economics of Public-Private Partnerships Elisabetta Iossa and David Martimort This paper can be downloaded without charge from the Social Science Research Network Electronic Paper Collection.

Ceis tor vergata research paper series
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