An ex mas feast summary

How will he get the money for it? As a reader, I am rooting for Jigana as he vanishes into Nairobi. Desperate as they are, the parents still fret over what Christmas gift to give their neighborsshould it be petrol or glue?

Well, he is telling this as an adult, and with good English, and so we know implicitly that he in fact does make it out there.

Say You're One of Them - An Ex-Mas Feast (Kenya) Summary & Analysis

I saw the teacher writing around the cracks and patches of the blackboard like a skillful matatu threading his way through our pothole-ridden roads. On this Ex-Mas morning, a disheveled Maisha arrives in a taxi with a feast that she has labored all night to obtain for the family.

He bails on the situation, following the example of his sister. In the shack, Jigana tells Maisha that if she leaves, so will he.

Jigana wants to go to school. Street kids circle their bounty, making off with the balloons and cards Maisha had also brought.

An Ex-Mas Feast, by Uwem Akpan – Short Story Review

The parents, Baba and Mama, their six children, and pregnant dog live in a makeshift shanty of tarpaulin and plastic sheeting at the end of an alley. This scene could have been cut, I think.

They all gorge, including beer. Jigana sniffs more glue, destroys his pen and pencil, gets dressed, weeps. This story is another. The mother offers her children glue to sniff to stave off hunger and reads aloud the names of relatives in an attempt to celebrate the holiday.

His other sister, Naema, at ten years old, is an apprentice street whore being trained by Maisha in using makeup and condoms.

The oldest daughter, angry twelve-year-old Maisha with her bleached hair and skin, longs to go to school but cannot because, as a prostitute who mostly serves white tourists, she is the true support of the family. He becomes angry at her white clients. Then she remembers that Maisha brought the feast after all, bags of random foods all but forgotten in the sadness of her impending departure.

Say You're One of Them Analysis

When he mentions red earth in his work, it is there. Tension up and story expanded via vision.Jun 29,  · Akpan’s first published story, “An Ex-Mas Feast,” initially appeared in the Debut Fiction issue of The New Yorker, offering a glimpse of a family’s grim subsistence on the streets of Nairobi, Kenya.

The parents, Baba and Mama, their six children, and pregnant dog live in a makeshift shanty of tarpaulin and plastic sheeting at the end of an alley. An Ex-Mas Feast is one of the stories in that collection – although I read it as a stand alone story in The New Yorker.

Jigana, an eight year old who is the eldest boy of his family, narrates the story.

Jun 13,  · (To be fair, on Ex-Mas Eve there was a bonanza of three cups of rice and zebra intestines, scrounged from an N.G.O. party). In the story, the family is sitting around the shack waiting for Maisha to return with the "Ex-Mas" feast after a hard night of shagging white men and their monkey.

An Ex-Mas Feast Summary Uwem Akpan’s story, “An Ex-Mas Feast” is a story of the struggles that one family goes through to give gifts on their upcoming Christmas season. An Ex-Mas Feast (Kenya) Summary "An Ex-Mas Feast" opens with the eight-year-old narrator, Jigana describing his twelve-year-old sister, Maisha.

Maisha has recently become a prostitute for many reasons, but mostly because her parents live in the slums of Kenya and cannot afford basic things for their family like food and education.

An ex mas feast summary
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