An analysis of review on when i was only nineteen

The places — Canungra, Shoalwater, Vung Tau. Shortly into the program, an announcement was made that the sixth battalion was looking for volunteers.

Frank Hunt, Vietnam veteran Strevens points to a quote by author Jose Narosky in summing up the platoon 45 years on: Strevens explained that the jungle dark is two things. Nothing hits home more than the fact Mick Storen was 19 when he went to serve his country.

The two men met when Denny brought Mick along to a Redgum show. To work out who would go they pulled cards out a deck. Casualty evacuation by helicopter. Mick Storen was thinking about a career in the military. The true story behind a song may be an initial attention-getter for the book, but Frank also wants it to be a comfort for the families of veterans.

He believes the glare of publicity and interest around the song would have added an unnecessary burden for the Hines family. He was walking just ahead of Frank that day.

Jungle Green Working Dress, the field uniform worn by the Australian Army between the early s and Mick knew it would fast track his chances of serving overseas.

He applied, was accepted, and started training. Military term indicating contact with the enemy. A serious mine incident did happen to them on the day mankind walked on the moon: In a hip hop version of the song called "I was Only 19" was produced by The Herdvoted in at 18 in the Triple J Hottest playlist.

This book is going to help the wives who have lost a husband, help the children understand their dad and his silences.

I Was Only 19

It was their skipper, Peter Hines. Will also contain direction of contact either contact left, contact right, contact front or contact rear. The lyrics are based on a true story. They did seem real to him. The army lingo — chinooks, SLRs, greens. He was on his honeymoon — with Denny.

The two events sit side-by-side in Australian folklore, and now the truth is told about who the real "Frankie" was. Former Army enlisted soldier recruit training centre in Victoria. Frank hopes this new book will set the record straight and perhaps mend a few bridges with people.

Frank also took it on knowing that the song would stir interest and bring attention to the issues facing Vietnam veterans at the time. And yes — he felt it.

They were mostly about fond memories about funny experiences. Denny and John were dating. The cover gained positive widespread attention in the media.

Covers[ edit ] When the song was first released, Rick Melbourne, a breakfast radio announcer, produced a parody version of the song, including the lyrics "God help me, she told me she was sixteen". Also at the time the embarkation point for troops shipping to Vietnam from all around Australia, because it was the biggest port in Northern Australia.

It is literal, in terms of the sapping humidity, biting insects and black of the night — but it is also the "jungle dark" of the mind that follows experiences like those shared by 3 Platoon, A Company, 6 Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment.

His days are full of physical and mental pain. He points to the Welcome Home Parade in Sydney as being one of the wins of both the song and the campaign for better recognition for veterans. Parade head-dress for the Australian army. A hotel in Vung Tau that had been converted for Army use.

Military exercise area in Queensland.

Breaking down the truth behind Redgum’s ‘I Was Only 19’

Bega July 21, was the day Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. He received a tiny bit of shrapnel in his back. Mick got the highest card and was shipped up to Townsville.This Remembrance Day, we look at Redgum's classic tribute to Vietnam Veterans.

I Was Only 19 Introduction I Was Only Nineteen is a song written by RedGum's lead guitarist/vocalist John Schumann, about war experiences. He himself, didn't go to war but resourced his information from veterans. This is about the Vietnam War.

The "Light Green" refers to the area on a map of Vietnam. Dark green was an area where there had been no defoliants ("Agent Orange," for instance) and where there was plenty of cover.

The text I have chosen to analyse in this written review is called ‘I Was Only Nineteen’, but also goes by the names ‘Only Nineteen’ and ‘A Walk in the Light Green’.

It was composed by John Schumann, the lead singer/songwriter of the folk group Redgum. Australian Identity: 'I Was Only Nineteen' Analysis Essay Words Jun 4th, 7 Pages The text I have chosen to analyse in this written review is called ‘I Was Only Nineteen’, but also goes by the names ‘Only Nineteen’ and ‘A Walk in the Light Green’.

I Was Only 19: Frank Hunt's real story revealed in The Jungle Dark

Aug 11,  · For this exercise you are to analyse the following video clips and review the song lyrics carefully to answer the following orientation questions. I Was Only 19 (A Walk in the Light Green) John Schumann (), I Was Only 19 (A Walk in the Light Green), Universal Music Publishing Pty Ltd.

An analysis of review on when i was only nineteen
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